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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Mexican Delight

Cheap Margaritas and Cheap Food. But, delicious margaritas and delicious food. Check out Blockheads where the portions are plentiful and their cheap refreshing drinks will get you tipsy. I had a chicken quesadilla filled with rice, beans, lettuce, chicken, guac…for $11.99 and it was AMAZING and did not burn a hole through my pocket. (o jokes here, please!) The frozen sangrias are divine and at $3.50 a pop, you can’t just have one! Blockheads offers traditional Mexican fare at reasonable prices that will fill your belly. Check out their sun deck-the perfect place to hang out with friends while sipping their deliciously cheap drinks and devouring their endless supply of salsa and chip. Hmmmm…chips!

I wish I was in Mexico right now, but alas I am not. So, Blockheads is where I will drink delicious cheap margaritas and hang out on their sun deck until it gets cold outside.


499 Third Ave
Between 33rd Street and 34th Street
(212) 213-3332


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